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GENEL Features

a. The smart board has touch technology. There is no need for a special electronics or special pens for usage. It can be used with any pen or touching with palm.
b.   The smart board's front surface is steel ceramic enamel.
c. The surface is resistant to burning and chemical substances.
d. The surface of the smart writing board can be used with standard marker pens and it can cleaned easily.
e. The back surface is thicked with 0.25 mm aluminium plate.
f. The smart board is framed with an 2.5+-2 mm aluminum profile.
g. There is 2.0 USB connection cable. The smart board cable is on the left and the right side according to the position of the teacher's chair.


a.Smart Board can be used easily by touching with finger toe or with any other object.
b.Smart Board has plug and play feature,it has computer sensible auto detect feature regardless ofany other person or software
c.Smart Board has multi touch technologhy,Iı can be used alot of people at the same time.
d.It can be workable trouble free in operating systems like Windows Vista, Xp, Windows7 and windows 8.


a . The program can work integrated with the board and can be personal/institutional licenced.
b. Within the program different colors and line thicknesses; Writing, drawing, and styling can be done, and all the committed operations can be deleted optionally as a pixel (small area) or a small area (large area).
c.It has recognation system of geometric shapes,it can recovered irregular shapes automatically even though they are irregular (triangle,square,ring,straight line…etc)
d.It has measurement tools such as ruler,compass,miter.
e.It has tools supported document camera.The image came from document camera can be viewed as new page within the programme of the white can be written and marked via this image.
f.It can be written in an opened Microsoft Word or Powerpoint page ,it can be deleted and the writtens can be saved inside Power Point or Word document.
g.It has local weld pool,in this pool a person can save all the resources and receive them whenever he/she wants and this resources can be added in work pages.
h.The programme can save all the studies and video calls format.
i.With the magnifying glass tools ,not only all the page can be enlarged and reduced,but also selected specified field can be done the same.
j.Committed studies can be saved in every image format,also they can be saved in the format of PDF(acrobat reader),Power Point and html.
k.It has rich background options ,The base colour can be changed arbitrary,and shaped page can be formed.
l.Extrinsic files can be carried out inside of the programme.
m.Passing from one page to another can be done through the programme .Iı can be also carried out wafting two fingers on the surface.
n.Studies over committed throuhg page can be given link and added voice files.
o.Studies can be moved intended field using two fingers at the same time by touching on the board surface.
p.Short cut menu in the programme study page can be put in order personally.
q.The right button of the mouse can be active by being waited two fingers on the surface.
r.Enlargement and reduction processes can be done by two fingers.


a.There is second sliding Aluminium plate in Aluminium frame arranged in electronic line.
b.,Arranged electronic lines in the inside of the frame,based on right and top are reciver and based on left and bottom are transmitter period.


• 100” 120 cm sized smart board
• 214cmx116cm active field
• Solubility : 4096x4096
• Interface Connection : USB 2.0
• Scan Range : 60-120 Hz
• Work Enviroment Heat:-30 C between +80 C(field heat changes 25 C/h less)
• Storage Enviroment Heat :-30 C between +80 C(field heat changes 25 C/h less)
• Moisture : Work Enviroment %0-85 ,Storage %0-95
• Detection Speed : First touch 25 ms(millisecond),next 8 ms
• Power Support : It can be carried out from USB.
• Lenght ofStandard connection Cable : 450-500 cm


Touching to surface with fingertips,pens or any other object s
Detection Lenght
Real Detection Lenght < 2mm +-1
Object Detection Dimension
Ø3.0mm, recommended: Ø5.0mm 2mm +-1
Marker Speed of the Mouse
Around 180 d/s
4096(W) × 4096(D)
Detection Speed
First Touch :25ms - Next:8 ms
Silk Matte Steel seramic Surface
Wall mounted or Mobile Base (optional)
PC Port
USB 1.1, USB 2.0

Power Supply:

Electric Power
It can be carried out from USB
DC 4.6V- 5.0V
Spent Force
1W ( 200mA at 5V)

Work Enviroment

Work Enviroment Heat:
-10 °C ile 45 °C
Storage Enviroment Heat
-30 °C ile 60 °C
Work Enviroment Damp Rate
20% ile 85%
Storage Enviroment Damp Rate
Electronic Stage 2 years + 1 Surface :50 years
Work Enviroment Conditions
Inside and Outside,Under the sun

Factory Production Tests

Reception Tests
Slow and fast lines are drawn.Writings are done,Being careful about not ignoring any point while writing and drawing.
Durability and working
Endurance of electronics against beats,All kinds of tests about blocking any harm while transportation with stable package.
Tests of dusty atmosphere
Working Tests İn Dusty Atmosphere(general tests)
Tests of Working in High Heat
Being between 40°C and 50°C work enviroment nonstop 48 hours Workableness Observation Tests (General Tests).
Test of Working in Normal Heat
Nonstop 12 hours between 15°C and 30°C heat workable tests
Operating tests in moist enviroment
Damp Rate > 93% 8 hours nonstop working tests

Minimum Computer Configuration:

Pentium III 800 1GHZ or faster processor (recommended faster one)
Windows 2000, XP için 256MB RAM (512 MB or faster Windows Vista. 512MB RAM (1 GB or faster one is recomended)
Hard Disk
300MB Open Disk Space
Color Support of Screen Card
16 colours or more colours
Operation System
Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista


a.Installation Content
1.Smart Board Installation Content
a.3 pieces soft tipped pens
b.4 pieces hooks and mounts
c.Clips vs Screwing
d.500 cm Usb Extension Cable

Guarantee Term

a.Guarantee of Steel Seramic Enamel Board Surface is 50 years.
b.Guarantee of Electronic stages between Aluminium frames are 2 years.